We follow interesting trends in investment activity of infrastructure assets such as power plants, water treatment facilities, waste management assets, airports, toll roads, renewable energy assets, and other infrastructure projects.

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Infrastructure Investor is a site dedicated to following trends and activity in the commercial infrastructure investment arena. Our team of writers develop original content and break industry news as well as curating other content, from industry experts, we find interesting and worth a read.

We’re always striving to achieve higher standards and cover new areas of interest. Feel free to contact us or comment with any questions, concerns, or content ideas.

  • Duke Energy Sells Latin American Assets

    I Squared Capital, an independent global infrastructure investment manager, has entered into an agreement with Duke Energy to purchase 100% of it Duke Energy International’s Latin American businesses (excluding Brazil) for $1.2 billion enterprise value. The portfolio of assets to be purchased ...

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  • German Infrastructure is in Shaky Shape

    German Infrastructure is in Shaky Shape The German infrastructure isn’t in great shape. In surprising news, Germany’s infrastructure is crumbling and a country with an almost flawless reputation for efficiency is consequently seeing its image tarnished. According to a CNBC, constant cons...

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  • Exclusive: Duke Latin America Power Bids Have Problems

    Duke Energy’s Latin America Power Bids Have Problems Latin America power bids are finally getting drawn up for the power plants of Duke Energy, the U.S.’s second-largest utility by market value, but some previously unknown issues are pushing bid prices much lower than expected. Optimisti...

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